Did you know a business book adds depth to your profile like nothing else?
That a business book is a valuable “marketing brochure” for your revenue streams?
That content marketing is the way forward?

Clients love working with us.

A real advantage

“A real advantage in the competitive world of book launches.”
Rich Karlgaard
Forbes publisher


“The results have been remarkable.”
Alden Mills
Inc. 500 CEO & Navy SEAL

The gold standard

"The gold standard. Carolyn turns people into platforms, books into bestsellers."
Whitney Johnson
Thinkers50 guru

The Real Deal

“The Real Deal in a world of self-proclaimed experts.”
Eric McNulty


“Bright, savvy, and tenacious.”
Charlene Li
Altimeter founder

Strategic player

“A strategic player you can’t afford not to hire.”
Dan Schawbel
Fortune 500 Consultant


“Instrumental in our success.”
Paul Daugherty
Accenture CTIO

Delivered everything

“Carolyn delivered everything promised–and more.”
Maynard Webb
Board member Visa & Salesforce

Knows what it takes

“Carolyn absolutely knows what it takes.”
Susan Scott
Fierce CEO

The very best

“The very best any business book author could dream of.”
Derek Lidow


“Terrific—with a keen sense of the market. Focused execution. Accessible.”
Cathy Benko
Deloitte Vice Chair


“A phenomenal job. I highly recommend her.”
Matt Higgins
CEO/Co-Founder RSE Ventures

What are you waiting for?

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