Did you know a business book adds depth to your profile like nothing else?
That a business book is a valuable “marketing brochure” for your revenue streams?
That content marketing is the way forward?

Clients Include

Clients Include

Human + Machine

Paul R. Daughtery
M. James Wilson

Rebooting Work

Maynard Webb

Startup Leadership

Derek Lidow

You're It

Leonard J. Marcus
Eric J. McNulty
Joseph M. Henderson
Barry C. Dorn

Unstoppable Teams

Alden Mills

The Power of Pressure

Dane Jensen

Pivot to the Future

Omar Abbosh
Paul Nunes
Larry Downes

Promote Yourself

Dan Schawbel

The Blueprint

Douglas Conant

Break Your Own Rules

Flynn Heath Holt

Fierce Leadership

Susan Scott

Leadership Recruiting

Simon Mullins
David Lord
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